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Even in a strong housing market, it can take months to sell your home. With the current economic uncertainties and difficulties with the housing market, it can take even longer. We guarantee a swift service to save you a lot of time. NJPropertyCash is a homeowner assistance service. Our goal is to help you save your home. If saving your home from foreclosure is not possible, we can also buy your house fast. You don’t have to agonize for months wondering when you will be kicked out of your house. We will help you get the cash needed to pay off your debts or at least break even and walk away with your credit intact.

We can pay cash to buy your home which means you avoid expensive fees, stress, uncertainty and delays that come with trying to sell a distressed property trough a traditional Realtor. It make sense to get in touch with us at 201-849-8700 or fill out our form below to get started.

WE CAN HELP! Fill out the form below or call us on 201-849-8700.